A renowned beauty secret, now available close to home.

Botox® has become an extremely popular option for diminishing wrinkles and achieving a more youthful look. At Blue Ridge Skin & Vein Care, PC, in Bedford, Virginia, family medicine physician and laser specialist Kurt Hubach, MD, administers Botox to beautify your complexion and address your cosmetic concerns quickly and conveniently in the office.

When Botox is properly administered to suit your individual needs, this impressive cosmetic treatment can yield subtle and natural-looking results. Call us to learn more.

Botox Q&A

Botox is a cosmetic treatment that has been successfully used by doctors for years to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, and to treat medical conditions such as muscle spasms. 

Botox has helped many patients achieve skin that’s smoother, firmer, and younger looking. Dr. Hubach injects Botox into specific facial muscles, and it effectively blocks the nerve signals that trigger your muscle contractions. This causes the temporary relaxation of your muscles, and the wrinkles created by those muscles are either eliminated or significantly diminished.

Dr. Hubach offers Botox to treat certain facial wrinkles, such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead furrows

Dr. Hubach precisely targets a few muscles to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Your other facial muscles are completely unaffected, so you have natural-looking results after your Botox treatment.

 Most adults are suitable candidates for Botox; however, if you have certain neurological conditions or if you’re pregnant, you aren’t a candidate for Botox.

During your personal consultation, Dr. Hubach will review your medical history and make sure you’re comfortable and ready for your treatment.

He carefully uses an ultra-fine needle and injects a small, safe amount of Botox. Typically about 4-10 injections are required, depending on the areas being treated.

Following your Botox treatment, you might notice mild swelling or redness in the treatment area, but this should soon subside, and you can cover it up with makeup. You can get back to your daily activities right away after your Botox treatment.

You can expect to see results from your Botox treatment in about 24-48 hours with full effect at 7 days. This is the time it takes for Botox to completely relax your facial muscles.

Botox results typically last up to four months or longer. Over time, your body metabolizes the medication, and the effect gradually wears off.

When your results fade, you can get another Botox treatment to help you maintain your more youthful-looking appearance and smoother complexion.

Dr. Hubach offers personalized treatment plans to get you closer to achieving your cosmetic goals. For a beautifying boost from this popular and highly effective treatment, call Blue Ridge Skin & Vein Care, PC.

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